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Header Types (Horizontal vs Vertical)

Our premium themes provides 2 main header types for your site, Horizontal or Vertical. A horizontal header stays on top of the page, while a vertical header can be placed on the left or right. This tutorial shows you how to switch header types by changing header position.

Horizontal Header

This is the default header type of most our themes. A horizontal header can be set to site width or 100% browser width.

 Vertical Header

The vertical header stays on the left or right when you scrolling. You can change its width in the customizer, this setting accepts both fixed or percentage value. There’s no min or max limitation on the width so that you have total freedom on design.

To change header type and width

  1. Log into your WordPress site administration panel,
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Customize, choose Header.
  3. In the Header panel, choose General.
  4. Select a Position to change header type.
  5. Enable Full Width to set the horizontal header to 100% browser width.
  6. For vertical header width, enter a valid CSS value to the Left/Right Header Width option box

In real customizer, the option Full Width is available only when header position is set to Top, while the option Left/Right Header Width is available only when  header postion is set to Left or Right.