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How to Create a Slide-Out Footer

This tutorial helps you to create a slide-out footer for your pages. The slide-out section includes not only the footer content, but also the copyright line. To create a slide-out footer Log into your WordPress site administration panel. Navigate to Appearance > Customize, choose Footer. In the Footer panel, choose General. Under Type, choose Slide Out. Under Slide-out Footer Height, enter a valid CSS value, in this example, type 553px.

Creating the Footer via Layout Builder

Our themes provide a Layout Builder to create the footer for your pages. This gives you the flexibility to manage rows, columns and widgets in the footer. The following procedure shows you how to create a four columns footer plus a copyright line. To create the footer Log into your WordPress site administration panel, navigate to Appearance > Widgets, then click on Layout Builder. On the Layout Builder drop-down list, choose Footer, then Add Widget. Expand the …